The Dallas Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden is free to the public. The inviting gate draws you in to the sound of bubbling water, arching live oaks and dramatic works of art. This is without doubt, the most wonderful tucked away corner of downtown Dallas, though the Nasher next door and the fountains if I.M. Pei’s Fountain place give this garden stiff competition!

The Museum’s Sculpture Garden, designed by Barnes and Daniel Kiley, opened to the public in the fall of 1983.

Dallals Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden
Dallas Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden
Dallas Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden
Dallas Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden


Lee Ann Looks at Contemporary Collections
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Barrel Vault, Hanley, Lamont, Rachofsky, and Stoffel Galleries, and Sculpture Garden

The Dallas Museum of Art presents a special two-part exhibition of more than 300 works from the modern and contemporary holdings of the Hoffman, Rachofsky and Rose families, who together gifted their private collections and future acquisitions to the Museum in 2005. Fast Forward: Contemporary Collections for the Dallas Museum of Art offers a preview of the Museum’s future modern and contemporary holdings and is the first opportunity for the public to view these exceptional, once-private collections in a comprehensive manner. This landmark exhibition will be enhanced by additional promised gifts from Gayle and Paul Stoffel and other local patrons, as well as by works from the Museum’s collections.

Dallas Musuem of Art Sculpture Garden

 DMA and Maria de Corral

Organized by guest curator Maria de Corral, Fast Forward surveys the vast wealth of ideas and forms that characterize the art of our time, including abstract expressionist, minimalist, pop, conceptual and post-modern works. This monumental exhibition features both established and emerging artists whose work ranges from paintings and sculptures to installations, video, sound, and new media. The 200 paintings on view were culled from a body of more than 1,500 objects by approximately 500 different artists—including more than 900 works from the three collections and other private collections, and 650 works from the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Comprehensive in scope, Fast Forward is presented in two parts, with the first chapter remaining on view as the second is unveiled on February 11, 2007.

DMA and the Barrel Vault, Quadrant Galleries

On view through April 8, 2007, the first part of Fast Forward is presented in the Museum’s distinctive Barrel Vault, Quadrant Galleries, and Sculpture Garden. Organized thematically, the first chapter of the exhibition presents abstract expressionist paintings by Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko, among others; masterpieces of the Italian Arte Povera movement, including works by Mario Merz and Giulio Paolini; and minimalist sculpture and paintings by such artists as Donald Judd and Ellsworth Kelly.

DMA and Iconic Works

Among the iconic and rarely displayed works to be featured are:

Lucio Fontana’s Concetto Spaziale, La fine di dio (1964), a work from the Rachofsky Collection that has never before been on view at the Museum. The work belongs to a series of paintings that Fontana produced during the early 1960s and depicts a brilliant yellow “egg” that has been punctured multiple times in the artist’s signature effort to deconstruct and transcend the surface of canvas. The Rachofsky Collection, noteworthy for its rich assembly of Italian postwar art, will allow the Museum to become a center for the viewing and study of this often-overlooked yet significant period of art history that is just beginning to be explored on a deeper level in the United States.

DMA and Michael Heizer

Michael Heizer’s Untitled #2 (1975), an unusual work marking the artist’s transition from small-scale painting to larger-scale sculpture and earthworks. The work, which can be classified as both painting and sculpture for its large size and irregular form, will be exhibited alongside other minimalist-inspired works from the Rose Collection.