Dallas Senior.  Active modern senior life enjoying your second act! What you need to know.

Heart Healthy Low Fat Tomato Soup

Three pounds tomatoes
Mixture of Beef Steak and Roma
Large white onion
One pint no fat or low fat sour cream
Chicken Broth – I use Better than Bouillion
Olive oil to taste
Basil to taste
Salt and pepper

Place the tomatoes in a […]

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

All Aboard!

Welcome to Grapevine, Texas. Purchase your round trip tickets at the old Cotton Belt train depot of Grapevine to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Park at the authentic train station and que up at the […]

Historic Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive takes place seven days a week at both 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. weather permitting. The train begins boarding at 4:05 immediately following the cattle drive allowing time for […]

Texas Lilac Vitex – A Texas Superstar

The Texas Lilac Vitex is also known as the Chaste Tree. It is a rapid growing, heat loving plant with long lavender spikes of 8 to 12 inches and blooms around Memorial Day in Texas.

The […]

When to Draw Social Security

Making an informed decision about when to apply for benefits based on your individual and family circumstances becomes much easier when you review the calculations.

Your Social Security Decision

The earlier you enroll in Social Security the […]

Osteoporosis: Some New Thoughts

It’s been official for a while now, but not everyone has gotten the word: calcium does not prevent osteoporosis or bone fracture.

“Dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture, and there is no […]

Dallas Senior October 2015:  Modern senior life in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

  • Vintage Grapevine Railroad. A day trip for grandparents and grandchildren aboard the vintage Grapevine railroad to historic Fort Worth.

  • Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Getting there is half the fun but there is lots to see and do once you arrive at the Fort Worth Stockyards.
  • Social Security. When to begin drawing Social Security is a personal decision relative to your circumstances but having the facts helps make that decision.
  • Fungal Infections. Over-the-counter treatments are effective. Deciding which active ingredient is best can include trial and error.
  • Womens SBA Bill Passes. The bill also increases grant levels available to eligible women’s business centers to $250,000, from $150,000 and streamlines the paperwork required of the WBCs.
  • Tomato Soup. Pennies in the pot. Are you shopping at the 99 Cent Only stores for produce? Cost conscious seniors find great bargains and healthy recipes.
  • Texas Gardening. Texas SuperStars from Texas A&M are designed for our arid climate. The Lilac Vitex tree is planted by the Texas Highways. You know it must be hardy!!!
  • Osteoporsis: New Information. Twenty percent of all cases of osteoporosis are male. New research indicates calcium may not be a valuable method of prevention of osteoporosis.

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Join Dallas Senior for a trip to the Dallas Farmer’s Market with beautiful produce, delicious restaurants and nursery plant with glorious, garden color.

Dallas Senior has a recipe for a memorable apple pie.  As seniors cooking is much less challenging but new concepts new recipes are always welcome!

Antique Malls provide great browsing experiences.  As Baby Boomers downsize a new crop of potential antique mall lessors has been created.  Shop, enjoy but our article is a “must read” before you become an antique mall lessor/victim.  Get the facts!  Lessors share their experience and the widespread losses encountered in the antique mall business.  They can use your patronage but investigate first – Dallas Senior gives you the fifteen questions to ask before you get involved financially.

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